Installing a Water Pressure Reducing Valve

Due to Maury County’s geographical area, water main pressures can range from 20 PSI to 200 PSI. If pressure is checked by plumber and found to be above sixty pounds (60psi.), MCWS recommends that pressure regulators be installed on the Customer’s side of meter in order to protect service lines and appliances. Pressure regulators protect household appliances and increase water conservation.

If water pressure exceeds 60 psi at the meter, it should be regulated by the installation of a pressure regulator. Most customers need to install a pressure regulator in order to avoid excess pressure on the service line and plumbing connections. We recommend that these regulators be installed on the customer's side of the meter as indicated on the diagram below. This is a voluntary installation at the customer's and/or owner's expense. These regulators may be purchased wherever plumbing supplies are sold. If you are unsure whether a pressure regulator is necessary, your plumber can check your pressure before your service line is connected.

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Trying to locate your pressure regulator? This is what they generally look like.













If you need to adjust your pressure regulator, click here for an instructional video.