Maury County Water System

Citing the need for potable water in the rural areas of Maury County, in late 1976, the Maury County Commissioners passed a Court Resolution to establish an urban type water system. This water was to be established and operated in accordance with T. C. A. Sections 5-16-101 through 5-16-112. The resolution provided that the governing authority of this water system be vested in a Board of Directors. Board members are appointed by the County Mayor, subject to confirmation by the County Commissioners. The Board members set water rates, make financial decisions and set the governing policies to ensure fiscal solvency of the operation at all times. T. C. A. 5-16-106. Financing for the Maury County Water System was made possible through a Farmer’s Home Administration Loan and Grants, which were backed by Maury County; HUD Grant, County Contributions, and Customer Contributions. Water mains were installed under two (2) phases: Phase I was completed in 1978 at a cost of $1,237,569.00 and Phase II was completed in 1979 at a cost of $1,790,000.00.