You are responsible for:

You have the right to:

If you feel there is an error:

Paying Your Bill:

Each month, pay the amount due by the due date. After the due date, pay the amount due plus the late penalty.

Disconnection of Service:

If your bill is past due or you do not pay a required deposit, MCWS will do the following:

Reasons for discontinuing service:

MCWS is authorized to discontinue or refuse to supply water service without notice, if:

With notice, if:

Third Party Notification:

At your request, prior to receiving your final notice, MCWS will notify someone you have chosen of your past due bill. This service can help prevent disconnection by alerting a designated third party to a possible problem. The third party is not responsible for paying your bill. If you would like more information on third party notification, please call MCWS.


Medical Emergencies:

Please notify MCWS as soon as possible. MCWS will delay disconnection of water service for 30 days if a physician, public health officer, or social service officer certifies in writing that discontinuing water service will worsen an existing medical emergency for you or another permanent resident of the premises where services are rendered. Please call MCWS for full information. A prompt request is important. During the 30 day extension, payment of the bill must be guaranteed.


Reinstating Service:

If water service is disconnected for nonpayment, here is how to have service restored: