Online Bill Payments

Online Bill Payments

How to Get Started

NOTE:  This is Instructions on How to set up your new online account

  1. Click on the "Register Here" link.

  2. Input your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, then click "Save" .

  3. An email will be immediately sent to you with a temporary password.

  4. Click "Return Login Page".

  5. Input your User Name and Temporary Password. (note your user name will be your email address)

  6. Once you are logged into Online Bill Payments, you will be prompted to change your password.  Follow the on-screen instructions to establish a new password. Maury County Water System will not keep a record of your password.  Please be sure to save your password.  If needed, you can reset your password through the website

  7. You will be required to link your account(s).  Click on "Link Another Account". You are only required to link to your account the first time you sign in.  Thereafter the link will already be established.  (Customers with multiple accounts may link to more than one account with a single user name.

  8. Enter your account number from your bill. (Do not include the decimal point and two zeros)

  9. Enter your tenant number from your bill.     (the last two numbers at the end of your account number---EXAMPLE:  96)

  10. Enter your account PIN.  (a number you want as your pin, ex. last four of your social security #)

  11. Enter an Alias for your account.    (an alias is simply a name that you choose for your account that you can easily recognize rather than using an account number.  Customers with multiple bills will use alias names to differentiate amount accounts.  The recommended alias is your address)

  12. Click "Submit" to go to your account.

  13. You will receive a prompt that says "The account was successfully linked to your profile".  Now click the "Cancel" button to return the Account Inquiry screen.

  14. From the Account Inquiry Screen, you can view your billing history, view your water usage history, view your monthly meter readings, and pay your bill.

We accept Visa and MasterCard

A 2.5 % convenience fee will apply to all payments

Online Bill Payments

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